So, now that we’ve photographed your session or wedding, we’re sure you’re thinking: now what?

We included some frequently asked questions and concerns below here. So read through them, and if you still have any questions, let us know!



YES!!! We highly recommend backing up the photos in 2+ locations (ie. Google Drive, a hard drive, or a memory stick, etc.). While we always back up your photos in multiple locations, we cannot guarantee that something won’t malfunction. We have never lost a wedding or session before, but it does happen. So just to be safe, please back them up! (You will have your online gallery forever. If for any reason we need to delete it, you will be given a huge heads up).


Print. Print. PRINT! We truly, truly believe that photos are meant to be printed. Their life shouldn’t just be on a screen! They are meant to be touched, viewed, experienced. So please print your photos! You can do this in a bunch of different ways:

  • You can print them through Walmart, Shutterfly, Target, etc., but you definitely get what you pay for. The colors will more than likely be off, and the quality just won’t be as good. Usually they’re grainy and out of focus.

  • You can print them through your gallery! We have a shop linked to your online gallery, so 1. it’s way easier, and 2. the quality is incredible. They still maintain the integrity of the photos and the colors. So if you are going to print your photographs, we recommend doing this!

  • We also offer albums! If that is something you are interested in, let us know and we can send you all of that info!



Why do we have to tag @egglestonandco / eggleston and co. whenever we post?

Good question! The most obvious reason is because we technically still own the photos, but we are releasing them to you to use. So credit is always required. Beyond that, believe it or not, word of mouth is how we get 99% of our clients. So when you tag us, you’re helping us make a living. (Please tag us whenever you post, even if it’s on your stories! I swear it isn’t annoying to us. We love seeing how you use the photos).

what if we can’t figure out how to tag y’all?

No worries! Instagram makes it easy, so just type in @egglestonandco whenever you post on your feed or stories. Facebook makes it harder. You can just link our website ( or simply type Eggleston and Co. in the caption.

Can we filter these?

We would really rather you not! When you hire us, you’re hiring us for not only our posing and composition, but also our editing style! Kat spends hours on your sessions, making sure they’re perfect and up to our standards. When you filter them, you’re totally changing them and basically cancelling out any work that she has done! Also, since you’ll be tagging us, people might get confused and think our work looks different than it really does.



Can we have the raw files?

No, unfortunately! It states in our contract that we will not release RAW files, but there’s a good reason behind it! First of all, like we mentioned before, you are hiring us for our editing style, and we want to make sure you get that! Second, we always say that’s like handing someone an incomplete piece of art. It would be like us only outlining a painting, and then delivering it over to you. So, no. We don’t release the RAWs!

do we download them in high res or web size?

It depends on what you are wanting them for. If you are wanting to share them on social media (ie. Instagram or Facebook), download them in web size. If you are wanting to get them printed, we recommend high res! *Please note: In our contract, it clearly states that these photographs cannot be used for advertisement (including but not limited to, blogs, brochures, flyers, billboards) without our permission/a release.



Anything else we should know?

If you had fun with us and want to leave us a review, we would absolutely LOVE that. We are always updating our pricing guides with recent testimonials, so if you’d want to leave us a review mentioning if you had fun, were relaxed, and love your photos, you can do so by…

1. Googling Eggleston and Co. (we are currently trying to build up our Google reviews, so this would be the best way to leave a review)


2. Go to

And feel free to copy and paste into both! :)