timeless imagery for bold love.

What does that mean? 

Bold. I believe in a love that is bold, uninhibited; a love that cannot be contained, suppressed, or put in a box. I want to capture that boldness— in the looks you exchange with one another that you have been sharing since the beginning, the in between moments as you soak in the day, in the way you love on your bridal party and family, and the way that you celebrate.

Timeless. I believe that editing styles matter. I strive to give our couples photos that will age as beautifully as they do. I want their wedding photos to look just as good in 50 years as they do now. I don’t want to create something that is trendy and will die out, but I want to create something that will serve you for the next hundred years.

So how do I carry that into our time together?

01. know

Relationships are what drive how I photograph people. We want to connect and know your personalities, so that I am better able to serve you. I want you to feel at ease around me, and to know that I have your back and your best interest at heart, always. Storytelling is the most important part of my job, and there should never be a one-size-fits-all approach to photography. I want to capture your personalities, your love story, and who you are as a couple. I want you to be able to look back on these photographs in 50 years and be brought back to this day, this moment.



02. celebrate

This is the happiest time of your life. Your photos should reflect that. I want our sessions to be life-giving and fun. I want to celebrate you and with you. I will direct you and alleviate any stress or concern you have in front of the camera so that you are able to breathe, relax, and just celebrate your love and this exciting time in your life.



03. Serve

I aim to serve our couples in any way that we can. I help throughout the wedding planning process with guides, tips, and with multiple consultations. But beyond that, I strive to serve you creatively. I never stop trying to grow and trying new things. I want your photos to be as unique as you are, and so I don’t treat each couple as if they are the same. Rather, I work to unearth who you are and work tirelessly to provide you with a unique service that is only true to Eggleston and Co.



Real talk from couples who have worked with ME before: