The Mentor Session


First of all, congrats to you for taking the next step in your photography journey.

This is such a saturated industry, but we genuinely believe that there is room for everyone at the top. We have spent so much time and money investing in our education of photography, and we really want to help you in your journey as well. We truly care about the art of photography, and the artists that create it, and we want to aid you in your next step. Whether you are just now picking up a camera and want to learn how to use it, you're overwhelmed in finding your ideal client, you want to find a consistent style, you need help with posing, or anything in between, let us help! We have been in the wedding industry for almost five years, and have learned through trial and error, and from the selfless, kind souls who have put community over competition, and we want to do the same for you. So, if you want to take the step to grow in this crazy industry, let's get going! 


What makes y'all qualified?


So, here's the thing. Clearly, we are a husband and wife team. But truthfully, Kat is the one who has been doing this for years. She bought her first camera when she was 12, was shooting in manual and RAW by the time she was 14, and had her first wedding when she was 19. Christian, on the other hand, picked up his first camera in June of 2017. He had no knowledge of how to shoot in manual, how to pose, or how to edit photos. Kat brought him on as a second shooter so that she could spend the weekends with him, and taught him how to shoot, compose, edit, and pose. Now, he shoots his own weddings and sessions, and is freaking incredible. Here are some examples of his work (and he got this good in less than a year!!). 


What will I learn?


We want to help you with whatever you need. Here are some of the things we can cover:

- How to find clients
- How to find your ideal client
- Defining your style
- Editing *
- Shooting and provoking genuine emotion
- Posing
- Client & email interactions
- How to increase your bookings
- Portfolio critique
- Back to the basics: how to shoot in manual, composition, and camera gear


* We will aid you in finding your editing style, and customizing your own presets. We will not show you exactly how we edit, since it is something we have worked incredibly hard on, and something that sets us apart. But we will absolutely aid you in finding your own unique style! 




We offer a few different options to cater to you and your business: 


Virtual Session: 

- an hour long Skype session
- We will cover whatever you would like from the list above
- You will receive a questionnaire so that we get a better idea of what you need help with
- After we finish, Kat will send you notes from our mentor session and portfolio critique


1-on-1 Session: 

- 3 hours
- We will meet in person and go over everything we would in the virtual session
- After we finish talking, we will go on an hour long styled shoot, where Kat will coach you through a session
- When we finish the styled shoot, we will go back to a coffee shop to recap, edit, and go through a portfolio critique

*These must take place in the Lake Norman or Atlanta/North Georgia area


3 Month Program:

- We will have 12, 30 minute long Skype session over the course of 3 months.
- The first time we Skype, we will go over basic Q&A, portfolio critique, and editing
-The second session, we will cover anything we weren't able to during the first
-Every session after that, we will go over your portfolio, and any recent shoots, so that Kat can track your progress, and see where you need to grow more

*These sessions are probably the most beneficial because we are able to regroup every few weeks, and look at your growth during the photoshoots between Skype sessions


Frequently Asked Questions


Why did you call it an investment? We don't call it an "investment" to sound cool. It's because that's what this is-- an investment for your business. It isn't cheap, but that's because this information isn't cheap. It's deep, and has genuinely helped our business skyrocket.  The information and teachings  were expensive for us, not only because of price, but because this information has taken us years to learn-- years to experiment, years of failures, years of researching and figuring out what we were doing wrong and what we were doing right. 

Can you guarantee success from a mentor session? Yes and no. We can guarantee that this information will benefit your business, but we cannot guarantee success unless you put in the work. We will give you tactical things that you will be able to implement into your business, posing, editing, etc., but if you don't take the time to implement them, you probably won't see results. Any information we give you has to be used in order to see your business grow. The information we give you are the things we have used over the last few years, and we can truthfully attest to its effectiveness. So yes, the information is beneficial, but you have to be the one to use it! 

How quickly will we see results? This varies and depends on the person. Some photographers take it slow and steady, and take time to implement the information we give, while others jump in right away. Factors such as financial flexibility and personal life will play a part, but we can guarantee that if you try your hardest,  and get out of your comfort zone, you will see results. 

What if I just am starting out, and don't even have any clients yet? No worries at all! We can run through the basics, how we started out, and what we wish we would have done differently. We can literally cover whatever you would like, and we can make sure to go at your speed. The information we share will be just as beneficial to you as it would be to someone who has been in this industry for years!

Do you take payment plans? We do not take payment plans for the Skype session, but we do for the other two. We take 20% upfront, 40% due the day of the session, and 40% due at an agreed upon time. *The session must be completely paid off within a 3 month timeframe. 

Will I be able to ask questions afterward? Duh! We absolutely want to help in any way we can. 

How do I move forward with a mentor session? We require 20% down, and then the rest the week before your session. We also require a signed contract. Once we have that, we can pick a time that works for the both of us! 


Thanks for reading all of that. Let's take this next step in growing your business, together. 

x The Eggleston