Alex + Ben: Engagement

Alex + Ben are some of the kindest people you will ever meet, and love just radiates from them, for not only each other but also those around them. Most of the time, Christian and I shoot together, but for this session, Christian took over. Every now and then, when we are booked, we offer Christian to cover one session, while I cover another. So, C took all of these, and he just has such a knack for capturing true emotion, and he said it was so easy with Alex + Ben-- they're so care free and so happy. They brought their dog, had a dance party, drank craft beer, played the uke, and were just down to let their personalities shine. I know he is so excited for their wedding.

Music: She Lit A Fire by Lord Huron

Asheville Wedding Photographer
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Asheville Wedding Photographer
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Asheville Wedding Photographer
Asheville Wedding Photographer
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